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"Even the most self-conscious boys get up and dance, the ultimate testament to the skills of David Brownstein, aka Groovy David. He spends much of the time leading such maneuvers as the cha-cha slide or a conga line—whatever it takes to get the party into warp drive."

                                                                                     Los Angeles Magazine Best of LA Issue

"DJ Groovy David is amazing. He played all the songs the girls wants and played all the perfect games so it wasn’t “babyish”. David has great energy and the girls all loved him!"

                                                                                        Shirin Yadegar LAMomMagazine

"I hired Groovy David for our elementary school carnival.  He was prompt, professional and had a blast with the kids.  We needed him to play music while the event was going on and introduce a trick roper that was going to perform.  Even with all the other activities that were going on, he still got the kids out on the stage dancing and singing with him.  He looked like he was having as much fun as the kids.  He's reasonably priced and a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks Groovy David!"

                                                                                                                   Tanya Mooney

Dave was the DJ for my daughter's recent Bat Mitzvah. I was going to have a different DJ, but had a conflict with him over how much control he wanted over the timeline and song list. David was the exact opposite. He wanted to work with me and my daughter and tailor made the event to fit our needs. He was incredibly personable, easy to work with, and real. He is extremely professional, low-key, and smart. I called two other people who had used him and gave him great reviews, calling him very easy to work with.

First, he met with my daughter and she really clicked with him. He really wanted to make her feel comfortable about what would happen. On the night of the event, he really made the party. He gauged the crowd, managed the timeline, kept things moving, had GREAT music, was a great dancer, and he really made things fun. He never yelled into the microphone and was extremely low-key while managing to get the crowd incredibly inspired. I cannot count how many people came up to me to tell me how great he was, both during the party and for weeks afterward.

I seriously believe that the success of our party was due in no small part to Dave and I would recommend him for any event, kid, adult, or whatever. He is a consummate professional and a really talented party maker!

                                                                                                               Beth-Bernstein Yamashiro                                                                                                             

 "Thank you again for your part in infusing Benjamin's Bar Mitzvah celebration with joyfulness and fun!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ruth Orloff Levin

 "Thanks so much for being part of our special day. You are so generous to come every year and we LOVE having you!!

                                                         Meredith Alexander Executive Director Milk and Bookies

Once again, you have made our event a party to remember! Thank you for your passion for our patients and their siblings. The joy and life you share with all of us is truly one of a kind and very much appreciated. We do hope you come back next year and every year!!             

                                        Joanne B Ordono  Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

Hey Groovy Dave, just wanted to thank you for Saturday nite– it was Awesome! I know Trevor and Heather thought so too, and all that were there loved it! Thank you so much for helping put together a truly magical evening! I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said this was the best Bar Mitzvah they had ever been to! 

                                                                                               David Nevell, CFP,CFM,CDF

"I can't express how much we appreciated your work today. You rocked the house and everyone had such a great time. I can't thank you enough. Thanks again David. You are truly talented and such a pleasure to work with. Keep in touch!"      

                                                                                                                            Jen Nicolisi Bye 

I experienced Groovy David MC/DJ at my nephew's Bar Mitzvah last year and was sold on him in about 10 minutes.  He was fun, exciting, and definitely groovy.  My sister and brother-in-law had arranged for live video coverage of the party and Dave was the red carpet host as kids got off the bus and carried on the theme throughout the night.  Dave taught the kids new dances, engaged them in ones they knew and kept the party alive and kicking throughout.

One of the challenges in figuring out WHO to hire for a DJ is how will they manage the party?  So when my daughter's Bat Mitzvah came up this year, there was no question that Dave was going to be my go-to guy. He was booked for my daughter's date, but that didn't stop him.  He quickly arranged for an MC/DJ combo that he sends out and wow, wow, wow.  They were just as great as Dave had been.  Bryan was a fantastic MC...literally managed the party from 6:30 pm when the kids arrived at the venue off the bus till Last Dance at 11pm.  The DJ, Patrick, played EVERY artist my daughter had requested at our pre-meeting and was seamless in his transitions. There was not a moment where the party lagged.  I wasn't expecting to have a great time (since I'm a worry-wart), but I also had the time of my life.  Guests and kids were 100% satisfied, so obviously, I was, too.  Really good operation.  Communication was good and the day of the event was perfect. 

                                                                                                                                  Janet Spiegel