Capture your party and guests in style with our state of the art Photobooths. Design books and customizable backgrounds are also available.

Live T-shirt Printing

You are what you wear? Well, now you get to design what you wear. Choose from four custom t-shirt designs that you have worked on with out artists prior to your event. Then each guest gets to place the design they want, where they want it on the shirt. Our designers will screen the image on the shirt while you wait, so each shirt is 100% original.

Puppet Interviewer

This cat will start your evening out with a laugh or meow! Cool Cat, our puppet cat interviewer, will regale your guests with jokes and questions that will have them talking all party long.

1) Cool Cat comes with a puppeteer and camera person.            
2) Client receives custom DVD's of edited material from event.

Digital Caricaturist

Let us capture your event, unlike anyone else! Our trained artists will create customized caricatures of your guests that they can later download at home from a webpage we make for you. Make sure you smile!

1) Choice of one or two artists            
2) Webpage created for picture downloads